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We give you different options for your adventure in Corcovado national park and . Feel free to request your own personalized package. PLAN YOUR TRIP HERE!



The world-famous Corcovado National Park Protects the most bio diverse rainforest in the planet. With over 110 000 acres there are different options to explore this unique national park. Choose your adventure from one day tour to 5 days – 4 nights real jungle expeditions. Know more!


explore the wonders of this unique region in a comfortable safari type vehicle through the jungle, down roads, over rivers and through puddles (in the rainy season). Know more!


Humbackwhale is by far the most commonly spotted whale during the migrating phenomenon but the Golfo dulce receives pilot whales and false Orcas during season as well. Two different species of resident dolphins make our tour an amazing experience. Around five months every year Golfo Dulce becomes a real maternity ward for humpback whales during their migration. Know more!


Clients Testimonials

"My wife, Elsa and I met at the Osa Peninsula for the first time, staying at a good Aguas Dulce hotel, close to the beach, but a little out of town, Puerto Jimenez. In spite of that, the colleagues of the company Osa Safari, Gerardo and Giovanni, picked us up and returned to the hotel without having to take a taxi to the town. In addition, for a reasonable price, Osa Safari offered us an unforgettable experience, with a suitable and strong vehicle, with equipment to be able to see and photograph birds and monkeys at a distance, and even more important, with colleagues who demonstrated a lot of knowledge and agility to Get and identify a variety of exotic birds and animals. We saw lots of flora and fauna even on the route to Corcovado Park. We were very happy with the excellent tour that Osa Safari gave us."
Julio y Elsa
Julio y ElsaTour - Corcovado
My husband and i have traveled to Costa Rica for more than 15 years. we love the country and the people. in all that time, we have never found a more competent and engaging wildlife guide. with skill and personality, a guide can enable you to enjoy many awe inspiring experiences, admire all there is to be seen - amazing wildlife, majestic trees, curious insects. this is the best way to ever "see" Costa Rica
Marcia Oneill
Marcia OneillTour - Safari
I would like to thank Osa Safari for a memorable experience having been able to join them in their participation in the 2017 Audobon Society Official Christmas Count. I was delighted to see the remarkable biodiversity of the Osa Península plus numerous migratory species. Gerardo and Giovanni are very knowledgeable academically as well as in the field. Their enthusiasm and friendly disposition really add to the experience. I was also very happy to join them in an outing to Corcovado National Park.To my delight, we observed all four species of primates in the area in abundance, as well as interesting birds like the beautiful Royal Curaçao , Red Macaws and Toucans up close. I can only compliment them on a great attitude and doing exactly what they excel at and hope to be able to join them on more outings in the near future. Best.
Leon Behar
Leon BeharPhotographer - CANADA
"We had an awesome day in Corcovado National Park, made even better by our guide, Geovani. Not only was he amazing at spotting animals that we would have otherwise missed, he had extensive knowledge of the forest itself that he was happy to share with us. We all had plenty of time to look through the scope that he would quickly set up when he spotted something, and we never felt rushed to keep moving, so we could truly enjoy each experience. The wildlife at Corcovado is, of course, amazing, but it was the knowledge and talent of our guide that made Corcovado a really special trip for us. I would definitely recommend these guys!"
Tanja S
Tanja SGreat guide, fantastic day! - Osa Safari
Can’t recommend these guys highly enough. We were in Puerto Jiminez for a very short time, on Sunday afternoon we wanted to book a trip to Corcovado for Monday morning. Geraldo couldn’t have been more helpful despite the tight timeframe. We drove to the park with Giovanni our guide who spotted so many animals along the way. We learnt a huge amount, not just about the park but Costa Rica’s history in general. Giovanni was awesome, a really nice, very knowledgeable guy who is like an encyclopaedia and his English is excellent. He even helped us change a wheel when we had a puncture on the way back
ACB40Superb day trip to Corcovado National Park - Osa Safari
I come to Costa Rica many times a year and have been on many wildness tours all over the country. Gera (pronounced Hera) was the best tour guide I have ever had. Friendly, knowledgeable and up on the latest research, and as excited and happy to be there as we were, he was a pleasure to spend the day with AND we saw a lot of animals and birds. Take this tour. It is like an African safari in the western hemisphere.
Denise S
Denise SSeriously this was the best wildness tour - Osa Safari

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